Excellent prospects for graduates of “Alfred Helwig” School of Watchmaking Glashütte Original congratulates 23 superbly educated watch experts Brilliant prospects for the future of Saxon watchmaking: Thursday 6 July 2017 saw a new generation of watch experts celebrate the conclusion of their training at the “Alfred Helwig” School of Watchmaking. Glashütte Original management and teachers at the School awarded diplomas to this year’s 23 proud graduates of the manufactory’s own training institute. Nineteen of the new graduates have learned the traditional craft of watchmaking, and another four now begin their careers as precision toolmakers.

Rolex opened the Baselworld 2017 edition with a series of changes that seem to draw away from the relatively austere tradition of the brand. Is the King ready to abandon the conservative crown to become an assertive innovator? The collection launched this year seems to confirm this hypothesis. For Rolex, predictability has always been a form of virtue. As soon as the brand discovered its role as an industry benchmark, its prestige was built precisely upon its reticence to innovate. Each change to its classic models came slowly and quietly, after long years of rigorous research and testing, and this is how the brand attracted millions of fans. After each Baselworld edition,