Vulcain is exploring new colorways with a collection of 5 limited editions of the legendary Cricket, a.k.a. “The Presidents' Watch”, just in time for the Holiday Season.

Vibrant, pristine, and utterly seductive, featuring a perfect chromatic fusion between dials and leather straps, The 5 new iterations of the legendary Vulcain Crickets are a limited edition. A year after the model’s celebrated rebirth, the brand based in Le Locle, Switzerland, now ventures into uncharted chromatic realms – black, silver, blue, pistachio green, and pale salmon. These dazzling additions epitomize Vulcain’s commitment to innovation while preserving a sense of harmonious continuity in its collections. 

These new limited editions of the Cricket – 100 pieces for 39 mm models, and 50 pieces for the 36 mm models – are a symphony of exclusivity. At CHF 4,400 for the 39 mm and CHF 3,800 for the 36 mm  versions, this series beckons collectors to a rare chance of owning a horological icon steeped in history and watchmaking expertise. Enthusiasts worldwide can secure their exclusive piece starting 4:00 pm CET on 28 November 2023 – just in time for the festive cheer, with deliveries assured before Christmas.

“Bringing out the legendary Cricket in five new dial shades is like giving watchmaking history a rejuvenating boost. Our aim was to inject a dose of coolness into the collection with a new palette of bold and exciting colors. These limited editions are a playful way of celebrating the Cricket’s heritage with a dash of pizzazz, while remaining respectful of the iconic status of this Vulcain model,” explains Guillaume Laidet.

Automn-Winter collection 2023

Always pushing the boundaries of the space-time continuum, Guillaume Laidet’s daring creativity forges ahead at Mach 3. As part of his vision for the brand, he is broadening the spectrum of the brand with five fresh dial colors – a single shade would have simply been too boring. Vulcain had sought the expertise of talented watchmaking entrepreneur Guillaume Laidet to breathe new energy into the brand. Passionate about horology and endowed with an exceptional flair for what is desirable, he took a closer at the Vulcain models that had become collectors’ items and identified the watches that would revive the brand’s legacy and charm vintage timepiece enthusiasts. With his knack for ‘waking sleeping beauties,’ Laidet rekindled the fascination for these quirky watches with their unmistakable cricket chirp.

1947: the presidents’ watch

Since its 1858 inception, Vulcain, a family-owned enterprise, has been synonymous with intricate complications. Founded by the Ditisheim brothers, skilled horologists, the brand quickly garnered acclaim in the Neuchâtel mountains – the heart of Swiss watchmaking precision – with its award-winning minute repeaters, grande and petite sonneries, and perpetual calendars.

Vulcan (or Hephaestus in Greek mythology) is a god of Roman mythology. He is the deity of fire, volcanoes and blacksmiths. There’s no question of calming the fire that drives the new departure of this age-old brand. On the contrary, tomorrow is being forged on the burning embers of a rich past.

 1947 marked a pivotal moment for Vulcain with the launch of the world’s first alarm wristwatch featuring a striking mechanism: the Cricket. The sound would become a Vulcain signature. It was not just audible – it was powerful enough to reliably wake its wearer (to the sound of a very vigorous and determined cricket). A world first, the Vulcain Cricket soon became very fashionable, earning the moniker “The Presidents’ Watch” as President Harry S. Truman and his successors—Eisenhower, Nixon, and Johnson—also found it quite useful.

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