The new timepieces represent a bold, free-spirited side of CFB. Just 18 examples of each watch have been created, combining high complications with extraordinary craftsmanship across three electrifying colorways.

A CFB manufacture movement – one of its most technically accomplished, featuring two peripherally mounted complications – is set in an 18 K rose gold case and paired with an innovative laser-cut dial and matching gemstone-covered bezel, connecting watchmaking prowess with the jeweler’s art. Available in distinctive blue, green, and purple finishes, these expressions of the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral represent the culmination of CFB’s recent exploration of color and embrace of contemporary style.

Pure Freedom of Expression

At a glance, these high-saturation aesthetics lend the pieces a unique energy, aimed at watch aficionados who want to express themselves, confidently and unapologetically, without compromising on technical mastery. As such, these striking watches represent 21st-century pioneering values and the pure freedom of expression epitomized by today’s urban lives. This look, feel, and spirit also fuels CFB’s own ongoing evolution, Exploring Time.

Inspired by the dynamic symbolism of blue skies in the city, the restorative feel of its green spaces, and its sense of unbridled optimism channeled by the color purple, the three hues of the newest versions of the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral are lent additional sophistication through the craftsmanship of the dial. Here, a laser-patterning technique has decorated the curved surface with repeat formations of miniature pyramids, creating a new and unique “three-dimensional guilloche” effect. These patterns were galvanically refined before being coated in a semi-transparent colored lacquer which concentrates pigment in the “valleys” between each pyramid. The combination of these innovative processes results in an elaborate dégradé effect that makes the dial almost shimmer as it catches the light. In addition, the dial’s 11 indices mark out the hours with 0.6-carat vvs baguette-cut diamonds, creating extra sparkle.

Joyful Spirit

Beyond the dial, attention is drawn to the eye-catching bezel. It contains 40 baguette-cut gemstones – either 5.1-carat sapphires, 4.7-carat tsavorites or 3.5-carat amethysts, depending on the model – each naturally occurring and colored. Hand-selected, these match the color of the dial – in itself a stunning feat of achievement and a stand-out design feature that adds to the watch’s exuberant feel.

A finely tailored hand-stitched strap, also color-matched to the dial and bezel, has been created from recycled PET, emphasizing CFB’s environmental awareness and the importance of integrating sustainable materials throughout its portfolio. Each timepiece is constructed within an 18 K rose gold case – a color chosen for its contemporary elegance – complemented by rose-gold-plated hands.

Intricacy and Accuracy

Beneath the surface of each watch is one of CFB’s most intricate movements: the CFB T3000 manufacture caliber, entirely designed, developed, and assembled in house. Launched in 2018, it is the first movement ever to combine a peripheral automatic winding system with a peripherally mounted floating tourbillon.

The winding system is driven by a bidirectional oscillating weight which provides enough mechanical energy to create a power reserve of 65 hours. The floating tourbillon – a CFB signature mechanism – is so-called as its peripheral mounting, neither mounted on the main plate nor connected wih an overlying bridge, makes the complication seem to float in space.

The movement boasts outstanding accuracy. Comprising 189 individual parts, it includes a balance wheel regulated by eccentric screws, or masselottes, that oscillates at a frequency of 3 hertz, or 21,600 beats per hour, while the escapement is made from silicon, reducing friction, allowing the system to operate without lubrication, and increasing the power reserve. A further distinctive feature is the stop-seconds function, which allows for the rotation of the tourbillon cage to be stopped. This means the watch can be synchronized with a standard time and thus set to the second.

Exploring Time in our Dynamic Cities

The Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral perfectly encapsulates the essence of CFB’s Manero family of watches: a collection that exemplifies functionality, innovation, and contemporary design, created for highly discerning individuals Exploring Time in the world’s most dynamic urban centers. As such, it makes for a profoundly modern expression of CFB, a Swiss watchmaker with more than 135 years of heritage.

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