A best-selling timepiece, the new version of the Heritage BiCompax Annual is available in a stylish new option. The new watch reinterprets the model from CFB’s archive that dates from the 1950s. As a chronograph, the original watch characterized the era’s pioneering spirit and sense of optimism. Preserving its core aesthetic and functionality, this limited-edition watch features a new dial color and strap options, created with modern design aficionados in mind.

A perpetual calendar wristwatch is a type of watch that tracks and displays the date, day of the week, month, and leap years. The display usually features a moon phase indicator as well. What sets it apart from a regular calendar watch is its ability to automatically adjust for the varying lengths of months and leap years, without the need for manual adjustment. This means that the watch will accurately display the correct date even during leap years and won’t require adjustment until the year 2100, which is a non-leap year, considering that the watch will run continuously until then.