Seiko Prospex introduces two limited editions that take root in Seiko’s historical field watches: the first is a re-creation of the watch from 1968 that was Seiko’s first GMT to feature a rotating bezel, while the other commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Landmaster, a series born in Japan in 1993 that has earned the trust and met the needs of adventurers and mountaineers.

The Seiko Prospex Landmaster 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

In 1993, the Seiko Landmaster series was born in Japan. Throughout its three-decade history, the series has earned the trust and met the needs of adventurers and mountaineers with repeated improvements to its specifications. In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the series, Seiko presents a new Prospex creation whose design is the high reliability of successive generations of Landmasters and the design of the most representative models.

With this new Landmaster, a light and comfortable fit is ensured through a case made of pure titanium, a material with excellent corrosion resistance, while a super hard coating protects from scratches. The compass ring and rotating bezel, hallmarks of the Landmaster series, have been given a three-dimensional shape for ease of operation and legibility. Powering the new Landmaster is the in-house caliber 8L35, created to withstand harsh environments. This highly accurate movement was assembled and adjusted by the skilled craftsmen and women of Shizukuishi.

On the bracelet, an adjuster function allows the user to adjust the length easily so that the watch can be worn over heavy Arctic clothing. Three-dimensional indexes and thick hands ensure high legibility even in harsh environments. Each of the hour markers has a generous coating of Lumibrite, as do the hands. The sapphire crystal with super clear coating ensures high legibility from any angle.

The blue gradation dial represents the view from the top of the Mount Everest. It’s said that at high altitudes in the mountains, where the air is thin and there is no diffuse reflection, the sky appears dark even during the daytime. The dial’s color expresses the way the sky gradually shifts to dark blue as the climber ascends step by step, as if the universe can be glimpsed through the sky. The case back bears the words “Limited Edition” and carries the individual watch’s serial number.

The Seiko Prospex Land Mechanical GMT Limited Edition

For its latest watch, Seiko Prospex has re-created the model from 1968 that was Seiko’s first GMT to feature a rotating bezel. The new limited edition is as faithful as possible to the classic sports design and compact dimensions that characterized the late-‘60s Navigator Timer. A distinctive five-row bracelet glitters to complete the watch’s classic and luxurious look.

On the dial, the Seiko logo follows the design of the original model and is lower in height than the current logo. The GMT, hour, and minute hands, as well as the indexes, also follow the Navigator Timer design. With its independently adjustable GMT hand and 24-hour rotating bezel, this handsome traveler’s watch displays the time in three places at once. The case back bears a horseshoe-shaped design similar to the original model and displays the individual watch’s serial number.

* In the actual product, the case back direction might be different from that of the photograph.

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