A new version of its signature technique, bringing new life to the iconic beauty of Decor Palace in the form of a new bangle pays homage to the savoir-faire and daring behind its major pieces, echoing their shapes.

From the very first glance, it’s all there: the gold craftsmanship, the weight of the metal, the pavé of precious stones, the setting of the central diamond, the gadroons on the outer body, and the spinning band.

Displaying signature style in this new set of pieces, Piaget has returned to its roots. Marvel at the jewellery’s shape and size, pick out its intricate details, imagine how it feels to wear it. From the moment it brushes the skin, each piece of jewellery from the Piaget atelier impresses with its meticulous finish, its size – reminiscent of the 90s – and its daring design.

To avoid a departure from the collection’s aesthetic, the Maison’s goldsmiths ingeniously devised an opening system that would be as discreet as possible, a small opening spring on the inside of the bangle, both invisible and playful.

The Possession ring, at your fingertips. On the thumb, it can spin and dance, soothing in its movement. On the index finger, it makes a statement, showing off its bold character every single day. On the middle finger, it sways with playful movement. On the ring finger, it takes its natural place, hugging the shape of the finger, lengthening it, perfectly matching even the slimmest of rings. On the little finger, the ring is intriguing, playful, drawing the eye. “Always do better than necessary” is a motto deeply rooted in the Piaget Maison philosophy.

Turn the band one way to recall your favourite memories. Turn it the other way to create new ones. This ring is your talisman – own the moment. Whether the pieces draw on the purity of diamonds or the intensity of sapphires, set in a colour scale of rainbow hues, precious stones nestle into precious metal, marrying perfectly with the gold craftsmanship. Created in rose gold or white gold, in different sizes and settings, the beauty of the Possession Decor Palace ring, in its many variations, is something everyone can agree on. This extends right down to the setting of the same name, the setting we call “Possession”, which holds the central diamond between two brackets engraved in gold, so that the stone seems to stand proud by itself. The version with a row of pavé diamonds beside the Decor Palace band is enhanced by a larger set diamond, in contrast with the pavé version that sports a double row of diamonds in two different diameters. On the second model, the diamonds are surrounded by Decor Palace engraving, giving it a strikingly modern, exquisite appearance.

Piaget has been incorporating Decor Palace into its collections since the 1960s – a technique for engraving gold that gives body and texture to this precious metal. It was inspired by the guilloché technique, traditionally used on watch dials, and works on both form and substance. Its uniqueness shines bright even in the lowest of lighting. Sophistication meets daring – a fundamental tenet of Piaget’s legacy. To place Decor Palace at the very heart of its collection is to give meaning to the changing face of Possession throughout Piaget’s history. This collection strikes us with its timelessness in the present day, bridging the modern and the contemporary. Light, masterful, instantly recognisable, with a strong identity and iconic features, every Piaget Possession creation stands out as intensely desirable and resolutely modern. Expertise creates emotion.

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