Swiza is a brand that successfully combines the design features with maximum of functionality, creating some eye-catching products.
And, as they say, Swiza’s Signature Line is more than a collection of products, it’s an identity. Urban and rebellious. Revolutionary and daring. The Signature Line is all about stylish design that is timeless, and Swiss-made excellence.

The bite of icy air, the crunch of tyres on hard-packed snow and the thrill of truly money can’t buy experiences was he exhilarating setting for the adrenalin-packed February launch of the titanium-studded Excalibur Spider Pirelli SOTTOZERO™ at the Lamborghini Winter Accademia in Livigno, Italy.

In 2018, the Maison that dares to be different hits the runway with its very own Haute Couture watch trilogy offering a whole new take on its supremely feminine VELVET collection. Haute Couture is a blend of traditional artisan skills and avant-garde modernism. Directly inspired by this phenomenon, and in celebration of the Roger Dubuis woman, three new VELVET models are a tribute to the expressive innovation and risk-taking for which the Manufacture is renowned.