Cartier’s design vision of love features clean lines and precise proportions: an oval bracelet formed of two rigid arcs that must be screwed together. The Love Bracelet!

Created in 1969 – the hippie era – by Cartier designer Aldo Cipullo, the first Love bracelet was oval shaped and fastened with a special screwdriver. Later, in 1978, the first variation on the same theme is unveiled with the launch of the Love ring.

1993 is the year when the Love bracelet dazzles in white gold, then in rose gold, in 2002. Seven Years Later, to celebrate one hundred years of Cartier USA, the Love bracelet launches limited edition creations, entirely paved with precious coloured stones.

In 2016, light and delicate, the mini version of the Love bracelet delicately embraces the wrist. Another eliptic version, without a screwdriver, is launched in 2019, a reinterpretation of a model launched in 2008, the Love Charity bracelet.

Everything lies in the design, the uncompromising line that characterises the Love bracelet, where the two parts have an elliptical shape and a flat top. The feeling of straightness is accentuated further by the alignment of the screws, which follow the parallel lines of the bracelet.

With the Love bracelet, Cartier made the radical decision to leave the functional or decorative screws visible – which are fastened using the screwdriver that comes with the bracelet. This is the stylistic intuition of a jeweller who sees beauty wherever it is and dares to show what others hide.

Of all Cartier’s codes, the screws are the most dazzling and instantly recognisable. They echo the Santos de Cartier watch, which has featured them on its bezel since 1904. They mark the bracelet out at first glance and boost its androgynous charm.

The shape of the Love bracelet must also be comfortable, in harmony with movement. The precision of its proportions can be seen in the way it is worn and how it naturally hugs the wrist.

Above and beyond its design, the Love bracelet is a statement piece, a physical embodiment of feelings. Love is no longer free but joins lovers together through a band of gold worn on the wrist and which is closed using a specific screwdriver. This bracelet is like a precious handcuff since two people are needed to secure the screws. By wearing it, every couple may proclaim their love for one another for all to see. Launched by Cartier in 2007 as a challenge, the question How far would you go for Love? focuses on the intense emotional connection so excellently symbolised by the Love bracelet.

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