The new "Avantgarde 08" is entering its second stage with a new and cool color combination, stattering the boundaries of conventional watch design. Again!

The dial of the new “Avantgarde 08.2” opts for a refreshing blue as the base color and combines the three main colors: orange, yellow, and blue, creating a contrast and a certain emotional appeal. The avant-garde design language of the individual hour markers remains consistent, turning the watch into a true work of art. Represented in white, each elaboration symbolizes the corresponding hour in its own unique way.

The elongated hands with round cutouts, also in the three avant-garde colors, are perfectly coordinated and form a harmonious interplay with the dial. The round cutouts give the hands an elegant lightness that complements their sleek design perfectly. They are not only a functional element in any watch but also make a statement. With this bold mix of colors, the dial forges an irresistible alliance, embodying not only a formal timepiece but also the ultimate expression of style and personality. The hand-wound caliber 2614.AS stands out with its hand engraving and finishing, giving the movement a special aesthetic. The blued screws add a touch of color and complete the appearance.

The caliber is equipped with 17 jewels integrated into the movement to minimize wear and increase accuracy. The power reserve of the caliber is approximately 42 hours, meaning the watch can run for about two days after fully winding before it needs to be wound again. The bracelet is designed in the same style as the dial, with contrasting stitches in red and yellow on cool blue, contrasting yet balanced. This new creation is strictly limited to 50 pieces, making it a rare and coveted collector’s item.

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