With the Monovortex™ Split-Seconds Chronograph presented at Watches & Wonders Geneva 2023, Roger Dubuis is unleashing the future of hyper-horology.

Determined to push boundaries and to drive tradition into an expressive and contemporary new era, the Maison has conceived and committed itself to a radical and uncompromising approach, known as Hyper Horology™.

Led by craftsmanship, performance, and innovation, this audacious form of watchmaking is reshaping the future with a touch of madness, pleasure, and freedom. Now, at Watches & Wonders Geneva 2023, Roger Dubuis is taking another revolutionary step forward.

Introducing the Monovortex™ Split-Seconds Chronograph. This ground-breaking creation watch not only controls the forces of gravity, but also highlights the emphatic ingenuity of Roger Dubuis by reinventing both the tourbillon and the oscillating mass, each associated with one of the most complex traditional fine watchmaking complications: the Split-Seconds Chronograph.

An expert in skeletonised calibres, the Maison has continually sought to advance its horological craftsmanship with a quest for performance, and in doing so, was granted the prestigious Poinçon de Genève certification from the very start. Equally impressive, Roger Dubuis is one of the few watchmakers to have achieved the “big four” complications in just 10 years and has since reinterpreted each one with its own increased standards of savoir-faire.

The Maison’s distinctive mindset, however, goes further than mastering complications. A serial innovator, Roger Dubuis is also committed to intensive research and development, which has often led to redefining the beauty of aesthetics, to cutting-edge innovations, and state-of-the art technology.

With the introduction of its new Monovortex™ Split-Seconds Chronograph, Roger Dubuis crafts the future of Hyper Horology™. Designed with seekers of adrenaline and advanced mechanics in mind, the timepiece reveals, in breath-taking detail, some of the finest innovations of the future of watchmaking.

At its heart is the challenge of gravity, a continuous pursuit in Roger Dubuis’ horological prowess and quest for performance, and the reintroduction of the Split-Seconds Chronograph, an iconic complication for the Maison.

After years of research and trial, Roger Dubuis’ signature complication, the Tourbillon, is now able to defy the complex realm of physics. Already, the Tourbillon is known as one of the greatest challenges in watchmaking. While many traditional Tourbillons compensate for the negative effect of gravity on one specific axis, Roger Dubuis has extended that ability across every surface. Positioned at 9 o’clock, the Conical Monovortex™ Tourbillon has a 360° trajectory, protecting the precision of the watch, no matter the position of the wearer’s wrist. An effective reinvention of the watch’s regulating heart.

With its own distinctive way of thinking, Roger Dubuis also decided to take full advantage of the positive force that gravity can be. After years of deep research, and more than 8 months of technical optimisation, the Turborotor Cylindrical Oscillating Weight has been born. Sitting at 12 o’clock, this surprising component is positioned vertically, so that the entire force of gravity pushes down on the design like a spinning barrel. This keeps the winding of the watch efficient, as it embraces the power of gravity, and better suits all the natural motions of a wearer’s wrist. Without doubt, gravity is mastered like never before.

Powered by the RD114 Calibre, the Monovortex™ Split-Seconds Chronograph also celebrates the comeback of an iconic complication at Roger Dubuis: the Split-Seconds Chronograph. Cleverly constructed with a double column wheel system, it is enhanced with a Rotating Minute Counter, known as the 120° RMC. Playfully styling the movement, the counter is positioned at 3 o’clock and has an unexpected isotoxal shape. It includes a patent-pending display with a tripartite hand that carries the 0, 1 and 2, accurately rotating past the 0-9 digits on the right. Activate the chronograph so you can watch the RMC move in time. Bold, elaborate, innovative.

Look through the caseback, so you can admire the complication: a wink to our living connection with traditional métiers. Our Hyper Horology™ rattrapante was created to time each moment that is lived to the full.  A chance to seize Hyper Life.

One final detail is also to be admired on the tachymeter scale: a highlighted 88. A nod to Mr. Roger Dubuis, who held 8 as his lucky number, and whose first calibre ever created in-house was a Chronograph.

The spellbinding aesthetics of this watch play with the symmetry of the movement and feature a 47mm casing made of hyper-tech MCF (Mineral Composite Fibre). Exclusively developed by Roger Dubuis, this ingenious material is 2.5 times lighter than ceramic and 13% lighter than carbon. That means more comfort, and a better match for everyday wear. Most dramatically, this lightweight and durable material now makes its debut in red, a difficult rare shade to achieve and one that has taken years to master. As always with Roger Dubuis, there has been no compromise on beauty.

The energetic red colour is matched with pink gold, as well as titanium with black and grey coatings, and accents of carbon. Even the minimalist pushers and winding bail have been discreetly hidden for a cleaner and sleeker look.

In fact, no detail has escaped attention. Worn on a perforated bi-material strap, this thrilling timepiece delivers a wave of unique flair, including a contemporary power reserve indicator with a visible barrel that offers an ingenious optical effect.

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