Alexandre Beauregard’s first watch collection, unveiled in 2018, presented a horological bouquet, a jeweler’s garden, each detail meticulously crafted by the artisan-craftsman’s hand.

18 months later, his creation is selected for the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), alongside some of the greats, including Hermès and Van Cleef & Arpels. SIHH and Baselworld follow close behind, as do Dubai Watch Week and Geneva Watch Days.

Dahlia – an introduction to floral horology

“Beauregard’s debut collection, introduced in 2018, immediately establishes the brand’s signature ethos: both aesthetic and technical excellence held to the highest standard, a distinctly floral inspiration and the use of rare stones rich in color and crafted into unique shapes. Here, artisanship reigns supreme, underpinned by a mastery of horology that leans on Swiss expertise. At the heart of it all, the human hand emerges as the quintessential tool of creation.

The collection is both a surprise and a success. The Swiss movement, crafted in La Chaux-de-Fonds, features a central flying tourbillon with an upper bridge and petal-shaped hands, set within a white gold case adorned with 600 diamonds. Horological experts applaud the precision mechanics. Their counterparts in high jewelry are still figuring out how to categorize what will, ultimately, defy all classification.

Incorporating 600 VVS River diamonds, the Dahlia expresses an exceptional standard of excellence. The sizing of the petals, so generously proportioned and of such outstanding lapidary quality, is unprecedented. Turquoise, opal, and mother-of-pearl breathe life into the Dahlia, meticulously handcrafted to order. It is a creation of a kind that is rarely made anymore.

From the garden to the sweets shop

 The second collection, named Lili, is unveiled in 2020. Right after its launch, it is shortlisted for the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG). The floral spirit shines through: the case, still in Gold, is rectangular, while the dial is distilled to its essence with two hands over a blossom of precious stones, freshly unfurled on its bed of diamonds. 33 petals, hand-crafted to an infinitesimal tolerance (0.02 mm) for a mysterious, invisible setting.

A few months later, Lili Bouton blossoms in a round case with a dial of 36 petals. As precious and rare as ever, it completes the Beauregard ‘garden’. The latest version is the tangy Lili Candy. With this creation, Beauregard temporarily leaves the floral field for a sweet and colorful pause, where petals give way to a swirl of amethysts and topazes coiled in a circle of diamonds, creating a sweet treat of intriguing realism.

Switzerland x Canada: an unexpected alchemy

Beauregard’s journey into the realm of Haute Horlogerie took flight in 2018, but the brand truly gained altitude in 2023 with its first participation in the Watches & Wonders in Geneva, an event that acted as both an international launch pad and a media sounding board.

From Tokyo, where the brand enjoys great success, to New York, the Middle East (currently its most important market), America, India and Asia, Beauregard has carved a niche for itself with a select community of refined watch lovers, stone connoisseurs and enlightened aesthetes, as well as with the most prestigious retailers in each country.

One reason is each jewelry element of a Beauregard is made in-house, crafted by Beauregard’s ‘miracle hands’. Unlike other leading names in the industry, Beauregard maintains complete control of every production phase, from sourcing and purchasing the rough stones to the completion of the finished dial and the case ready to embrace the movement.

The cutting of the stones, the sculpting, polishing, assembling, inspecting – at every stage something magical happens. Each Beauregard watch emerges from the atelier as if it were Haute Couture fashion, transforming meters of fabric into a garment that stirs the soul. It is a journey, a relentless pursuit of absolute aesthetic perfection, emblematic of an artistry that is increasingly rare in today’s world.

Beauregard in numbers

The essence of a Beauregard watch – with all those minute and unseen aspects which the eye cannot perceive, but the heart can feel – is hinted at in some telling facts and figures:

0.02 mm – The meticulous tolerance adhered to in the geometry of each stone – cut by hand and often by Alexandre himself – to create the invisible setting.

13 – The number of consecutive times Alexandre attended the AGTA GemFair in Tucson, Arizona, the world’s largest gem fair.

600 – The number of VVS River diamonds on the Dahlia timepiece.

50+ – The number of gemstone varieties that are cut, shaped and polished in the workshop. Amethyst, topaz, aquamarine, chrysoprase, prasiolite, carnelian, coral, Turkish opal, fire opal, Oregon chocolate opal, onyx, mother-of-pearl, iridescent ammolite, black Australian opal, tsavorite, citrine, phosphosiderite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, amazonite, precious quartz, peridot, pink opal… the list is enchanting and evokes lands where faeries dwell.

4 – The family members involved in Beauregard timekeeping odyssey: Alexandre, his spouse and their two children, each contributing in a different capacity to the independent, family-run Maison.

8.6 – The total carats of rare gems on a single Lili piece.

15 – The precise angle, in degrees, of the Lili’s bezel. “If it’s 15°, it’s because I tried 14° and I tried 16°, and that didn’t work,” explains Alexandre. We’ll take his word for it.

3 – The thickness, in millimeters, of a Beauregard dial. This is three times the average for conventional watchmaking, where the material is kept as thin as possible, to the detriment of depth and color.

80 – The percentage reject rate for the first Beauregard watch dials. Today, the figures are reversed: 20% do not pass muster and 80% meet the stringent standards.

3 – The number of Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) nominations: in 2018 for Dahlia C1 (Ladies’ Complication), 2020 for Lili (Ladies’), and in 2023 for Lili Bouton (Ladies’).

30 – The number of days Alexandre secludes each new design. After a month, if the sketch still resonates with the same magic, the creative journey may proceed. If not, it is left aside.

2018 – The foundation year, marked by the launch of the tourbillon watch, the inaugural timepiece truly emblematic of Beauregard. Now, five years on, the brand is firmly established.

2023 – Five years on, the brand is firmly established with an inaugural presence at Watches & Wonders in 2023.

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