While square watches were particularly popular among women during the 1920s, men shifted from their round pocket watch and started wearing wristwatches around that time. In order to break from the tradition but also for practical reasons, watchmakers starting using the square-shaped case so it would easily accommodate its leather strap. The trendsetters of the time took notice and the innovative shape soon became the fashion item of that period.

I must admit – I am one of those people who believe it was better in the past. What does “the past” mean? Sometimes, when I am very disappointed with what is happening today, I go as far back as the Middle Ages. Most of the time, however, when I am at my ordinary level of dissatisfaction with these strange times in which we live, “the past” is the period between the Belle Epoque and the ’50s. That is where I firmly stop.

Blue is the colour of the year in watchmaking. I know that Pantone decreed that greenery holds this title in 2017, but at the annual watch fairs in Basel and Geneva, almost all the brands have chosen deeper or lighter shades of blue for their dials, meant to symbolize elegance, the sky, and hope. The pictorial in our present issue of Lifetime magazine takes you on a journey among the most beautiful blue dials of the year.