Last January at the SIHH, Baume & Mercier revealed its latest in-house mechanical self-winding movement, the Baumatic™ caliber.

This new caliber is an answer to the problems actually encountered by self-winding watches, and it provides innovative solutions in four distinct fields:

  • Power reserve
  • Chronometric accuracy
  • Sensitivity to magnetic fields
  • Durability

Power reserve

The power reserve of a standard watch movement ranges from 40 to 70 hours when it is fully wound.

All the Baume & Mercier watches equipped with the Baumatic™ movement have a high-performance 120-hour power reserve, amounting to 5 days.


Chronometric accuracy

A standard watch requires regular time-setting, given its daily variation in rate of around 20 to 30 seconds per day.

In addition to its model chronometer-certified by the COSC, all the Baume & Mercier series production watches equipped with the Baumatic™ movement are adjusted in a range corresponding to-4/+6 seconds per day and offer a level of precision which remains stable throughout the power reserve.

Magnetic fields

There are many effects that may be caused by magnetic fields, such as a movement that may suddenly stop or a loss of precision.

The Baume & Mercier Clifton Baumatic™ watch is resistant to at least 1,500 Gauss, a resistance 25x higher than the current ISO norm


A watch movement is a complex mechanism comprising numerous mobile miniature components. Their perpetual interaction results in friction and wear, which can be minimized by lubrication, a delicate issue in any watch movement.

The quality of the various lubricants for the Baumatic™ movement make it possible to prolong the maintenance service intervals beyond the generally recommended five years.

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