Carl F. Bucherer has supported the Manta Trust since 2013. The Patravi ScubaTec Verde marks part of the brand’s contribution in 2023 as the trust embarks on its latest research expedition in Ecuador, home to the world’s largest-known population of oceanic manta rays.

The health of the oceans and the biodiversity of their ecosystems are crucial to the health of the planet. Species like the manta and the devil rays are threatened by overfishing, but, with the support of CFB, the Manta Trust is discovering more about these mysterious, charismatic, and intelligent creatures that boast the largest brains of all fish species. Its work, which includes driving local conservation efforts in collaboration with islanders in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, is turning the tide on overfishing and helping preserve manta rays’ precious habitats.

Carl F. Bucherer has supported the organization’s work over the last decade, providing funding for ecological studies, research expeditions, and marine education programs. In addition, for some years now, the Swiss watchmaker has also created special diving watches in honor of the Manta Trust, donating a portion of each timepiece’s retail value directly to the charity.

Oceanic manta rays are the largest examples of the manta ray species, with wingspans that can reach up to 20 feet (more than 6 meters). They are also listed as Endangered on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List. The research team in Ecuador will spend their time diving with manta rays to measure their size, taking photos to identify individuals, and tagging them to track their movements once they leave the area.

The work will allow the trust to monitor the overall health of this population, determine what draws these magnificent creatures to this particular site, and better understand the human impact on rays and their environment. By engaging with the local community and highlighting the significance of this species and its role in maintaining a healthy ocean ecosystem, the team also hopes to generate support for the conservation of this incredible population of endangered oceanic manta rays.

The Patravi ScubaTec Verde, is, as its name suggests, presented in a stunning green – from its lacquered dial (with intricate wave design detailing) to its matching bezel and rubber strap with a textile inlay made from recycled PET. Its color is inspired by the intensely green waters around Isla de La Plata, a small island about 40 kilometers off the Ecuadorian coast that plays host to more than 22,000 oceanic manta rays who gather there every August and September.

This grouping is 10 times larger than any other subpopulation of the species anywhere on earth. In August 2023, CFB will be fully funding a team of researchers from the Manta Trust and Proyecto Mantas Ecuador to spend two weeks at Isla de La Plata studying the group.

The new timepiece is perfectly designed for just such endeavors. Water-resistant to 50 bar – the deepest specification CFB offers in its diving watches – the watch boasts water-resistant gaskets and a screw-down crown along with an automatic helium valve to ensure gas escapes automatically during dives and ascents in order to prevent damage to the case. The thick sapphire crystal has an anti-reflective coating on both sides. Hands and index markers filled with Super-LumiNova® ensure the time is readable even at the deepest depths; a unidirectional rotating bezel also features a Super-LumiNova point for optimal orientation. A folding clasp with fine adjustment and diving extension adds a further essential element for underwater practicality.

As well as accompanying divers beneath the surface, the Patravi ScubaTec Verde is also the ideal partner for anyone who loves watersports on top of the waves or who pursues a particularly active lifestyle in the great outdoors. And, because of the contribution CFB makes to the Manta Trust for each watch sold, owning a Patravi ScubaTec Verde makes a clear statement that the wearer cares about making a positive impact on the planet.

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