Buccellati reinvents ladies’ elegant timepieces with a typical “jewelled” personality, and it exalts the “tulle” technique already used in many jewellery creations, starting from the “Opera Tulle” collection up to more complex and precious items.

Already in the past, and since the ‘70s, the Maison handcrafted some jeweled watches, all focused on openwork motifs enhanced by diamonds, or on the typical ramage designs, with a blaze of full and empty spaces that made those objects light and impalpable, true unique creations of rare beauty.

The “Tulle” watches that are now part of the new range, actually are the final and perfect expression of the jeweled watches of the past, but they represent an absolute novelty because their design has a totally new inspiration and it sets itself apart from the shapes and colors of the previous creations.

Still remains the search of lightness, with the use of the “tulle” technique, where the gold is handcrafted until it forms some delicate rays that expand the movement of all elements.

And still remains the overlapping of these fan-shaped elements in light bracelets, where diamonds enrich gold and underline its presence. Moreover, every dial surprises us with the elegant simplicity of the hours characterized by groups of brilliant-cut diamonds, and of the central part, supporting the arms, formed of a diamond motif, also in the model with the central Maison’s logo element.

Until we reach the “Tulle” watch composed by a honeycomb bracelet with logo-elements set with diamonds, centering an impressive dial, contoured by geometric elements set with brilliant-cut diamonds. We are on the invisible limit between watch and jewel, where the two merge into each other, thus creating an object of irrepressible beauty, reflected also in another Bucelatti collection oj jewel watches with an innovative and captivating design, decorated with bright enamelled surfaces.

The new range of watches have a slighlty flower shaped white gold case, encrusted with diamonds, and an enamelled dial, enhanced with a flower-shpaed element in white gold and diamonds recalling the Maison’s logo. The same chromatic motif recurs all along the bracelet, composed of floral elements slightly overlapping through a perfect play of chaining.

The glass is antireflection and the movement is Swiss Quartz. For the “Bluebell” watch, the elegant combination of green and blue enamels immediately recalls the vivid colour of the fragile campanula, with its delicate and divine scent, growing in a large green grass field. It is pure nature, in its simples and most primitive condition.

Available with wide or narrow bracelet.

Also available with wide or narrow bracelet, the “Forget-me-not” watch is totally based on the light blue colour: there are several nuances of the enamel, ranging from the light blue color of forget-me-nots to the silver blue of the thistles, up to the clematis violet. They are all hidden in the elements which inevitably follow one after the other.

The “Anemone” version proposes a combination of elements in blue and red enamel, forming an elegant bouquet with elegant and strongly contrasting colours that do not go unnoticed. The complex exercise of Buccellati mastery and creativity gives birth to “timeless” time measures: jeweled watches that shine not only for their precious stones, but also for their detailed workmanship, and above all for the appeal of enameling, a precise and precious technique, which finds its highest expression in these new ladies’ watches.

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