[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Albini Prassa and CHRONEXT, the leading digital boutique for certified new and pre-owned luxury timepieces, announce the launch of their retail partnership. This first retail expansion outside of Germany and Switzerland marks a significant milestone as CHRONEXT continues to grow its physical presence. Leveraging its robust omni-channel strategy, CHRONEXT seamlessly integrates a premier online platform with physical boutiques and pick-up lounges, ensuring an exceptional luxury experience for its customers. As part of its ambitious expansion plans, CHRONEXT is set to enter new markets, starting with Romania. This strategic move is aimed at capturing a larger share of the luxury watch market and providing unparalleled value to both sellers and buyers worldwide. Ion

Orange, turquoise and mint green dials, not to mention vintage salmon shades. In recent years, women's and men's watches have been dazzling in a plethora of colours, not forgetting pink. A colour that for the last hundred years has mainly been associated with little girls and incorrigible romantics is radically changing its meaning. Even men are no longer afraid of it.