Roger Dubuis unveiled the new Excalibur Spider Revuelto Flyback Chronograph in partnership with Lamborghini Squadra Corse.

As the name of the timepiece suggests, this expressive creation is as much a reference to Roger Dubuis long-lasting partnership with Lamborghini Squadra Corse as it is inspired by the incredible Lamborghini Revuelto – a milestone creation in speed and the very first super sports V12 hybrid plug-in HPEV (High Performance Electrified Vehicle).

Fifth Generation Chronograph

When Roger Dubuis launched as a company, in 1995, the prestigious chronograph calibre was included in the very first watches created by The one who gave the name of the company, Mr. Roger Dubuis. Then, the second generation of chronograph was launched in 1998 – the fully integrated RD28 calibre developed by the Maison. 14 years later, the chronograph was associated with a tourbillon to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Poinçon de Genève, while finally, in 2014, a fourth generation of chronograph was born, showcasing the Maison’s commitment to this iconic aspect of high horology. Today, the fifth generation of chronograph design comes with two watches that have signalled the return of this famed complication to the Maison’s collection. Firstly, a revolutionary concept design known as the Monovortex™ Split-Seconds Chronograph, unveiled at Watches and Wonders Geneva, followed by the Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph, launched at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Today, the collection that debuted earlier this year is followed by the latest variation – the Excalibur Spider Revuelto Flyback Chronograph – unveiling at Watches & Wonders 2023 in Shanghai – taking place from September 13 – 17. The Maison will display the timepiece front and centre at its Hyper Life Factory showcase, where Hyper Horology™ can be experienced in its most immersive form.

The timepiece will be limited to 88 pieces only – a number that can be found on the watch’s floating tachymeter scale, as a a tribute to Mr Roger Dubuis’ lucky number.

The Latest Chronograph Engine

The new watch is powered by the RD780. a calibre like no other chronograph movement. Reaching 72 hours of power reserve, the entire calibre is designed to both tell the time and measure time, while also expressing its own aesthetic identity.

For example, the famous column wheel at 6 o’clock, is an intricate component that governs the start, stop and return to 0 of the chronograph, and also has the added advantage of making the pushers much smoother to operate. Completely visible from the front, it allows to be fully admired when playing with the chronograph.

The calibre’s vertical clutch has a shape that recalls the gear-system of supercar design, and it is also equipped with an innovative Second Braking System (SBS). This brake, directly attached to one of the clamps, is a patent-pending for Roger Dubuis’ version of the chronograph. It brings extra stability to the chronograph seconds hand and drastically decreases its flicker.

Also, at 3 o’clock, the unexpected 120° Rotating Minute Counter (RMC) is crafted with a radical isotoxal shape, including a patent-pending tripartite hand that carries the 0, 1 and 2, accurately rotating past the 0-9 digits on the right. As soon the chronograph is activated, the RMC begins its joyful display.

All About Performance

There are certain qualities that will place a calibre in its own realm of excellence. For the RD780, this includes the tilted balance wheel at 9 o’clock. This balance wheel has raised its level of inertia to the same standard as a tourbillon, ensuring a strong resistance to everyday knocks. Additionally, its 12° inclination compensates for the negative effects of gravity, which Roger Dubuis has long been obsessed with solving. Meanwhile, the diamond-coated silicon escapement wheel is paired with diamond-coated silicon pallet-stones, ensuring sublime anti-magnetic qualities.

As if this calibre’s performance could ever be in doubt, it is backed by the indisputable Poinçon de Genève certification. This is undoubtedly one of the most demanding signatures of fine watchmaking, requiring each of the 333 components to be decorated by hand, while all functions have to be tested both before and after casing. The ultimate level of assurance that only few can offer.

Headlights in the Spotlight

When it comes to the exterior design of this 45 mm timepiece in shades of orange and green, it stands out in the eye-catching colours that supercars are known for. Yet from the front, the watch’s most Revuelto-inspired element comes into view. A signature “ Y” shape bar on the dial, with perfect lines that mirror the headlights of Lamborghini’s V12 hybrid supercar.

This component matches seamlessly with the surrounding case, which is crafted in lightweight carbon. Along with skeletonised pushers, the case is matched by a ceramic bezel – hyper resistant to scratches and less likely to tarnish over time. Together, the carbon and ceramic are a tribute to supercar construction, which often integrates the very same materials into sensitive and vital components such as brakes.

The timepiece also includes a floating tachymeter scale and a lower date display, all arranged in a variety of  dynamic angles and heights. Even from the back, the rotor has been shaped with five arms, like the rims of a supercar’s wheel. Accentuated with the signature sharp lines of Roger Dubuis, it’s another injection of speed to delight the most ardent racing fans.

To complete the enthralling look, the Excalibur Spider Revuelto Flyback Chronograph is presented on a green rubber strap with orange stitching. Notched for extra volume, it features a Quick Release System that ensures the wearer can change the strap in seconds for more versatility.

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