Armocromia is mainly the study of colours which enhance one's appearance, an analysis which determines the shades that match your complexion, eye colour and even hair colour.

They say that memories have their own armocromia. Inspired by the fact that memories take on colors different from their real ones in our memory, Roberto Coin designed the colorful version of Venetian Princess, a collection which narrates the memories of the city that inspire the brand’s designs.

Reflecting on the armocromia of memories and on Venetian Princess, the jewelry brand realized that ”happy memories, the ones associated with abundance, are almost always rich in green. Together with yellow, green is the color that speaks of joy, of “life outside” – those elements that we encounter outdoors and that our subconscious recognizes as happy and fortunate.” This is the story behind the Venetian Princess decorated with malachite, ”because its Venetian petals are memories of joy – memories of prosperity that speak of green, blossoming horizons”.

The second color chosen for this collection is blue, the Venetian Princess with lapis lazuli: ”Lapis lazuli isn’t just blue – it’s the deepest blue imaginable, as if it’s a color made of water with no room for air in it, and we all know how much water represents the profoundness of our subconscious and the watery depths of our feelings”. Blue is the color of memories associated with relationships, because we experience emotions when we come into contact with others, through relationships that bind us or separate us, some of which we choose and some of which we endure.

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