The new edition of Lifetime Gala Awards. Tune in on December 7, when we will speak about watches, about the joy they bring.

If you ask me very quickly, chances are I will not know what year it is. Or what month, for that matter. Since March 2020, when we were all hit by the reality of that which shall not be named, I have been residing in a very strange realm where the years, the months and the seasons are all coexisting somehow, outside the notion of time. Or, more plainly put, I feel like I have been robbed of the past two years of my life.

However, if you ask me very quickly what Rolex, for instance, did this year, what watches they launched, what diameter, what colour – that I will know and I will know immediately. Or Vacheron Constantin. Or Breitling.

Which brings me to the topic of this article – passion sometimes conquers reality. Yes, things are not that good now, when I am writing these lines. This thing that we had hoped to be long gone by now is not gone yet. Why? No one knows. For how long? No one knows.

I have found, though, that one thing that helps is to continue living, dreaming, planning, enjoying. In faith that, eventually, we will be delivered.

And that is precisely what we plan to do with this year’s Lifetime Awards, an interactive, glamorous digital event that will celebrate all that is good in the watch industry: the people, the design, the colours, the calibres, the innovations. The beauty of watches, if you will.

So please tune in on December 7, when we will speak about watches, about the joy they bring. About the new luxury – what it means, what it changes. And we will connect with the award-winning brands, sharing in their joy of being acknowledged and celebrated by the international jury of Lifetime-Collectible Watch Stories, probably the most beautiful and well-written watch magazine in the world.

So see you on December 7 – we will talk watches!

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