About a challenging year and the lessons of 2020 - a word from Raluca Michailov.

It is useless to try and make sense of this year, as it has been a whirlwind of emotions, problems, panic attacks, constraints, hopes and fears.

But, in my opinion, it is absolutely crucial to look behind us and learn our lessons. As people, as families, as companies, as brands.

Solidarity, quality, resilience, inspiration, gratitude and humility.

Caught in the merry-go-round of our pre-pandemic lives, we were really losing sight of what was most important, for people and for brands. Namely, human connection.

Nothing else. Certainly not the all-powerful P&L, not the marketing briefs, not the gold rush.

An authentic, solid brand will always think about quality and people, about people and quality. About leaving a long-lasting mark. About making a difference. For generations.

And that is why, this year, so many brands were suffering. Because they lost sight of meaning and purpose.

I pray and hope that we all learnt our lessons. That we remembered the truth. That we will do better. That we will be better. Humans and brands.

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