Lifetime Magazine is the magazine that brings you both the poetry and the technicity of fine watchmaking. And it has her own story.

I don’t know how long it’s been since I started writing about watches – 14 years? 15 years? At any rate, I first walked into the Geneva Salon a long time ago, when I was writing about luxury and I wanted to learn more about it. I had never been attracted to the watch industry and I didn’t really know much about this world. And then the strangest thing happened – one fine April day I entered the Palexpo center in Geneva and I realized it was exactly where I was supposed to be – among works of art created by some of the few true artisans still standing in this much too shallow and fast moving world. And my passion has only grown ever since, so now I know this is a love story that will last a lifetime.

I got back to the office, excited and eager to write more about watches, to share this world with my readers. And then the strangest thing happened – colleagues who had no interest in watches started reading my articles – while proofreading, while designing the layout for the articles. And then they started asking me questions and visiting the websites and reading the materials. And they started noticing the difference between quartz and mechanical watches. And then they started buying watches. Now they can identify a watch model just as fast as I can. And they are wearing and loving watches.

My husband was not wearing a watch when we met. And, as he told me several times, he did not want one, because he was not into watches, they were not his thing. Until one Christmas, when I gave him a watch. And then the strangest thing happened – my husband now likes watches just as much as he does cameras – which means he likes them a lot.
One of my principles is that everything one does must necessarily, crucially, vitally be of quality. I don’t write magazines to see my picture in them or to gain any influence, money or fame whatsoever. Though it may sound naïve these days, I write magazines to provide accurate information; to bring outstanding people and innovative products to public attention.

This is how Lifetime magazine came to life. We write about powerful brands, exceptional watches, effective campaigns and genuine leaders. My team and I will always start with ourselves. If we are better people, better journalists, better managers, if we have better products, we will inspire more people and, on an increasingly larger scale, we will make smaller or bigger changes for the better.

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