GrandSeiko presented their first ever mechanical chronograph - the Tentagraph, the name coming from its features: ten beats per second, three days power reserve, automatic chronograph.

The Evolution 9 collection ”charts a new course for its design. It speaks to the next generation with its confident lines, powerful presence and quiet radiance but also draws on its deep roots in the traditions and culture of Japan. Its heritage and pedigree are immediately clear. It is true in every way to the principles of the Grand Seiko Style that were defined in 1967 with the celebrated 44GS but translates them anew for the decades to come. Grand Seiko’s hallmark attributes of precision, legibility and beauty are plain to see in every detail but there is a new power and depth in both the shape of the case and the look of the dial. This collection design exudes strength and has a powerful presence yet remains understated and restrained,” says the watchmaker about the collection, which includes the Tentagraph.

The Tentagraph features the revolutionary dual impulse escapement; a vertical clutch and a column wheels. Testing went on for 20’ days instead of the usual 17, in 6 positions and under 3 temperatures. The Tentagraph really embodies the ideals of the Grand Seiko sports watch:”its design has been fully updated for active use and easy reading while in motion,” the brand stated, adding that ”the case and bracelet are made from High-intensity titanium, which is about 30 percent lighter and more scratch resistant than stainless steel, and its bezel is made from scratch-resistant ceramic.”

We loved the latest Spring Drive Astro case, a work of art that is completely polished before being fully engraved with the legendary white birch motif. The subtly sumptuous dial and case are complemented by the white gold minute and second hands. The watch is powered by the 9RO1 calibre, ”a high-end Spring Drive movement designed and crafted by the elite team at the Micro Artist Studio. Watches powered by springs, whether mechanical or Spring Drive, typically have a single barrel to hold a mainspring, but the 9R01 has three barrels arrayed in a series, allowing for continuous operation of up to eight days (about 192 hours).”

Also, Grand Seiko launch a new Spring Drive haute joaillerie masterpiece, with a dial playing on the scintillating diamonds and sapphires ”inspired by a majestic white birch forest at the height of winter.” The calibre is 9RO2, plus/minus seconds per month and the power reserve is 5 days. ”This is made possible by the combination of the Dual Spring Barrel and Torque Return System:  when the mainspring has been fully wound and the torque output is highest, approximately 30% of the power isn’t needed to maintain the watch’s precision. The Torque Return System reclaims this energy by using it to rewind the the mainspring, thus lengthening the power reserve,” the brand explained. The hour and minute hands, as well as the indexes, are made of 14K white gold, with the engraved minute markers and logo mark drawing out the delicate brilliance of the dial.

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