Dior unveiled the new DiorAmour Collection of letters sewn with gold thread and crowned with diamonds, through which the Artistic Director of Dior Joaillerie celebrates the couture heritage of the House.

Dior unveils its new calligraphic jewellery collection – Dioramour. As if they were drawn by hand, the fine curves of the iconic Dioramour collection pieces create joyful, unique graphic designs. Each curl twists like a strand of couture thread in a nod to the ateliers’ savoir-faire.

The collection roots take us back to the year 2005,  when Victoire de Castellane imagined the Oui line, expressing a universal and eternal message. Precious pieces bearing three evocative letters – “O, U, I“ – which are drawn and wrap around the finger, radiating like a tender declaration, reinterpreting, maybe, the idea of an egagement ring.

Perpetuating this ode to happiness, the Oui collection has been reinvented in 2023 under the name of Dioramour and enhanced with new calligraphic creations. As if sewn with gold thread, the Dior name opens out in a poetic and joyful graphic on a ring, bracelet and pendant, topped by a diamond that highlights the brilliance of the gold.

The collection Dioramour is a celebration of the House’s couture heritage, through the prism of its jewelry-making savoir-faire, but also a creative and young approach to fashion.

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