In May of each year, Chopard's Haute Joaillerie workshops showcase the full extent of their creativity and expertise. Designed by Caroline Scheufele to adorn actresses on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival – which Chopard has been serving as official partner since 1998 – the Red Carpet Collection has established itself over the decades as the most eagerly awaited event in the Maison's jewellery calendar. This year, 77 creations inspired by the world of Fairy Tales – ‘Contes de Fées’ – are enchanting La Croisette. An array of moving and tender, amusing and quirky, consistently precious creations exude supreme elegance in a world of dreamy wonderment.

It has become a not-to-be-missed event featuring a line-up of new jewellery pieces corresponding to the venerable film festival’s edition number. This creative and technical challenge results in a collection rolled out each year in constantly reinvented forms, brilliantly illustrating Caroline Scheufele’s love for cinema and for the Cannes Film Festival.

“Once upon a time…”

Around world, in every culture and at every stage in life, fairy tales are part of our collective imagination. These fabulous stories, often based on popular folklore, invite us to daydream and fling open the doors of our imagination. Enchanted forests, faraway kingdoms, talking animals, fantastic creatures with magical powers: these are the kind of childhood reminiscences that have inspired Chopard’s Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele to create a brilliant and highly personal interpretation. In the fanciful world of Chopard’s ’Contes de Fées’, wonderment rubs shoulders with the majesty of enchanted Nature. A world composed of 77 one-of-a-kind creations, enhanced by the talent of passionate artisans.

Enchanting treasures for a ‘Contes de Fées’ Red Carpet Collection

Over the years, Chopard has paid tribute to the animal and plant kingdoms, demonstrating a remarkable talent for highlighting life in all its manifestations. Embodying a subtle blend of realism and fantasy, the creations in the Red Carpet Collection 2024 testify to this exceptional expertise.

Witness a sculptural necklace inspired by a majestic oak tree symbolising strength and power as well as hosting a multitude of small animals, insects and birds – a tale in itself. This interlacing of ethical rose gold and titanium, offering a spectacular technical interpretation of a design entirely executed by hand, took six months of work and the intervention of four jewellers and gemsetters. The result mingles titanium leaves set with tsavorites; ravishing flowers featuring clusters of flamboyant yellow briolette-cut sapphires; along with sculpted and then tinted titanium acorns.

At its foot grows an enchanting mushroom ring in ethical rose gold. Its delicate, finely ribbed cap is entirely set with white, orange, cognac and brown diamonds, skilfully arranged in a cut and colour gradient.

At its side is a titanium sprig of lily of the valley, with its delightful diamond-set bell-shaped flowers and tiny yellow ethical gold pistils, designed to be worn as a brooch. Several years ago, driven by a desire to give free rein to its creativity while pushing the envelope in terms of technical constraints, Chopard opted for titanium. Rarely used in traditional jewellery, this metal features two extremely useful characteristics. Its extreme lightness means it can be used to design pieces that would be impossible to make in gold because of their size and weight. In addition, its ability to be tinted in a multitude of colours by anodisation means it can stand alone or disappear beneath the finest gemsetting, taking on the colour of the stones it surrounds, much like a chameleon.

In an ode to plant life, a long multicoloured sautoir necklace appears adorned with a highly creative pendant. A flower of rubellites, tsavorites and coloured diamonds blossoms at the heart of a pristine rock crystal. Surrounding the crystal are nine individually hand-crafted titanium flowers. One particularly exquisite detail involves the random micro-setting of the pistils, reinforcing the unique, larger-than-life feel of each bloom. This miniature painting is finished with tiny pearls that evoke morning dew delicately gracing the tsavorite leaves.

Meanwhile, earrings twirl gracefully in the air, borne by two butterflies in ethical white gold set with two pear-shaped aquamarines. Symbolising a light, carefree spirit, butterflies are foragers that sow the seeds of life and pollinate flowers. They are part of the enchanting world of fairy tales, in which small animals often turn out to be the heroes of great adventures.

A tiny creature emblematic of ’Contes de Fées’ is entrusted with a great responsibility! On the body of a ring in ethical yellow gold, two delightful little frogs in titanium set with pear-shaped emeralds support a crown set with rubellites and white and yellow diamonds. At the centre of this coveted attribute of royalty sits a magnificent 17.7-carat round-cut rubellite.

Finally, she is inseparable from the world of ’Contes de Fées’, believed to have supernatural powers and the ability to influence the world of the living. She is at the centre of an airy, immaculate tiara, surrounded by a shower of stars and diamond droplets. “She” is a ravishing, heavenly fairy who spreads her graceful mother-of-pearl wings. With a wave of her magic wand, she is transformed into a brooch, within reach of a secret that might be whispered in her ear.

A secret that other two mischievous woodland fairies, seated on acorns set in the centre of large titanium oak leaf earrings, would be delighted to intercept.

 The emergence of Chopard Haute Joaillerie

In 2010, the extraordinary Animal World Collection confirmed Chopard’s position in the Haute Joaillerie firmament. This breathtaking animal bestiary not only revealed the outstanding creativity and expertise of the Maison’s artisans, but also revolutionised the codes of Haute Joaillerie itself. Caroline Scheufele broke away from commonly used style language by not only singling out those animals considered the most noble, but also choosing to pay homage to the animal world in all its vastness. Rats, flies, pigs, sardines and spiders received the same attention as polar bears, butterflies, peacocks and parrots. Through successive Haute Joaillerie collections, Caroline Scheufele has never ceased to upend conventions, pushing the boundaries of daring and feasibility, as is vividly reflected in this Red Carpet Collection.

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