Chanel is presenting a very sci-fi collection, intersecting with the brand’s code elements, such as the silhouette of Coco Chanel and the design elements defining every model.

We start, however, with the lovely Pique-Aiguille models from the Mademoiselle Privé collection, a nod to the work of the famous Chanel seamstresses and their tools, such as the small needle pillows. 5 watches, 20 pieces each.

The Lion Collection includes 3 pieces, all secret watches, while the unique-piece cuff costs 550,000 euros.

I loved the J12 featuring the lovely Mademoiselle portrait in a sailor suit and the Lion Astroblock table clock, featuring a wonderful brass lion sculpture and the Lion constellation created with diamonds for the minutes (390,000 euros). There are 5 pieces and the movement, designed by Chanel and created by L’Epée.

This Lion clock is part of the big Interstellar collection that Chanel is presenting this year, with futuristic, sparkling and geometric motifs.

J12 Interstellar and Cosmic have Super-Luminova dials with blue luminescence which completely transform at night, the Premiere Robot features the coolest little robot figure from Star Wars, while the seven-piece J12 Eclipse, ingeniously depicting a moon eclipse, was in fact made of 12 watches as they had to piece two watches into one piece for some of the models. The huge technical challenges have already been rewarded, as the set is sold.

The ludic spirit of the brand is also shown in Mademoiselle J12 Cosmic, where Coco Chanel is depicted somewhere in the Cosmos, with her hands pointing the minutes and the hours, while wearing a gold tiara. The price is 160,000 euros.

We admired the Monsieur watch with a meteorite dial. The meteorite is 1,000,000-year old and was discovered in Sweden in 1906. Chanel bought a piece that sufficed for 55 dials. So there are 55 pieces, each with a unique dial, at 120,000 euros each.

Worth mentioning the melting, disappearing, Matrix-style design of J12 Hyper Cybernetic and J12 Cybernetic.

I loved the J12 Frozen Sapphire Crystal watch – the first time when crystal sapphire is not transparent, due to the many hours of painstaking polish, to attain the symbolic look of a frozen planet.

Last, but not least, my favourite: the Premiere X-Ray, 10 pieces with an innovative, surprising crystal, gold and diamonds bracelet and a white gold case. Just a superb haute joaillerie watch, with 1,700 brilliant-cut diamonds, at 360,000 euros.

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