Lifetime Magazine is in Paris to visit Chanel and to discover the story of Chanel Tweed High Jewelry Collection.

With this new collection, Chanel writes a new chapter in its story of High Jewelry and shows how imagination, passion and dedication go hand in hand to give birth to amazing creations.

Tweed – this handwoven Scottish woollen cloth with a well-documented impact on Chanel’s universe, gets a new life and is transposed in a fabric of gems.

How? Well, for this special unveiling, Chanel artisans developed special articulation techniques and worked with solid gold in the irregular appearance of tweed.

The highly sophisticated and glamourous pieces unveil diamonds, pearls and sapphires all putted in different layers to create this texture effect.

As you may be wondering how comfortable these pieces are, we can let you know that the entire collection of 63 exceptional pieces is crafted by hand and just like the softness of wool, well preferred by Mademoiselle Chanel, this collection is adapted to be soft to the touch, fine, natural, easy-to-wear.

And with this vision in mind, Chanel redefines tweed as a precious fabric which reflects the Maison’s creativity, know-how and innovation, also as a manifesto for elegance and exquisite character.

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