Eternal and precious, gold has been a hallmark element of Bulgari since the Art Deco era, intricately woven into the fabric of its audacious horological narrative. At LVMH Watch Week 2024, the radiant glow of this exquisite metal elevates the daring classicism of Bulgari Bulgari, reveals the jeweled splendor of Lucea, and infuses the revolutionary elegance of Octo Finissimo with a singular grace.

“The greatest challenge is to give shape to an emotion,” Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, reveals in ‘Bulgari Beyond Time’, “especially when that emotion is measured in time.” In the quest to capture timelessness, is there any substance that surpasses gold – so precious, mystical, and legendary – in its embodiment of eternal elegance? As an allegory of the sun, gold resonates with timeless splendor and warmth, symbolizing both the enduring luminance and the rich legacy of civilizations that have long cherished its radiant allure – an ideal conduit for the horological emotions crafted by the daring Roman Maison

Bulgari Bulgari, icon of icons

In 1975, a new icon of bold and precious beauty emerged. Its unique alchemy, envisioned by Gianni Bulgari, took form on the sketch pad of legendary designer Gérald Genta. Bulgari Bulgari asserts its distinctiveness, with its name emblazoned on a bezel forged in yellow gold. Both classic and visionary, this wristwatch expresses the Roman soul of the Maison, its avant-garde approach inspired by a deep passion for the arts and architectural riches of Italy.

International acclaim followed swiftly. The confident charisma of Bulgari Bulgari captivated exceptional personalities, elevating it to the status of ‘icon of icons.’ On the cusp of its 50th anniversary, Bulgari Bulgari rekindles its original allure, now pairing yellow gold with a black dial, and rose gold with a silver opaline dial. Its versatile character is expressed in two case sizes: an exquisite 26 mm and an innovative, gender-neutral 38 mm. 

Octo Finissimo, the iconoclast

In 2014, Bulgari’s renowned Swiss horological expertise and Roman elegance came together in a feat of minimalist design and exquisite engineering. The Octo Finissimo Tourbillon forever changed the landscape of watchmaking: by 2022, within the first eight years, the Manufacture had set 8 records for slimness, each blending a mechanical revolution with inimitable Italian flair. In 2024, the Octo Finissimo Automatic, a paragon of fine horology, boldly embraced the timeless luster of yellow gold. Its architectural and ultra-contemporary personality reinterprets the vintage charm of yellow gold, recalling the first Art Deco watches Bulgari designed in the late 1930s. That same year, Bulgari also unveiled the Octo Finissimo Tuscan Copper, distinguished by its mesmerizing sunray dial crafted from the eponymous metal.

Luminous Lucea

Since its inception in 2014, Lucea has exemplified Bulgari’s fresh approach to jeweled watches, solidifying its reputation as the “Roman Jeweler of Time” with a distinctive horological philosophy. “It’s about capturing the best of both worlds, merging substance with style, at the nexus of high watchmaking and high jewelry. Rather than merely adding diamonds to a tourbillon, we craft a jewel and then envision the caliber that would best complement it,” emphasizes Jean-Christophe Babin. This year, Bulgari celebrates the 10th anniversary of Lucea, as radiant and contemporary as ever. Crafted in steel and gold, its reimagined lines – from the bezel to the V-shaped bracelet links – elegantly encase dials featuring iridescent mother-of-pearl Intarsio or marquetry made of upcycled malachite fragments. 

Thus unfolds a new chapter in the continuing story of time, as interpreted by the Roman Maison – a unique fusion of Italian flair and elegance, exceptional watchmaking, and the legendary radiance of gold. Bulgari’s creations are both intricate timepieces and masterpieces of jewelry. In the words of Antoine Pin, Director of Bulgari Watches, they translate “better than any other object, the emotions and meanings from those who create them to those who experience them.”

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