Lifetime - Collectible Watch Stories took off without my even realizing it.

One of our partners, to whom I will always be grateful, asked me one day: “Why don’t you make a watch magazine? A magazine as a genuine watch publication should be: elegant, beautiful, well-written, with exclusive stories and, most of all, without press releases misleadingly published as articles”. At first, I refused categorically (I have too much work to do, I cannot get involved in a new project, it takes too much effort etc.). Then, without realizing it, I began preparing the first issue of Lifetime. Soon, 5 years will have passed since I own and publish maybe the most beautiful and the best written watch magazine of all the ones I know and read.

As I write, we are preparing for the fifth edition of Lifetime Collectible Watches Awards Gala. The awards are decided by a jury made up of impeccable journalists (Magdalena Piekarska, Victoria Townsend, Radu Lilea and myself), who went to great lengths to choose the most remarkable watches from a multitude of wonderful timepieces. The gala is a wonderful, impressive, exhausting event, which I look forward to every year because I have the opportunity to meet and exchange opinions with officials of the brands around the world. For one evening, the watchmaking universe moves to Bucharest, which is extraordinary.

I am therefore very grateful for all the things born out of love, without my realizing it. I invite you to read the new edition of Lifetime – Collectible Watch Stories, with exceptional stories, visits to legendary manufactures, testdrives with watches that I would have never wanted to part with, exclusive interviews and, most importantly, a lot of passion.

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