I must admit – I am one of those people who believe it was better in the past. What does “the past” mean? Sometimes, when I am very disappointed with what is happening today, I go as far back as the Middle Ages. Most of the time, however, when I am at my ordinary level of dissatisfaction with these strange times in which we live, “the past” is the period between the Belle Epoque and the ’50s. That is where I firmly stop.

Blue is the colour of the year in watchmaking. I know that Pantone decreed that greenery holds this title in 2017, but at the annual watch fairs in Basel and Geneva, almost all the brands have chosen deeper or lighter shades of blue for their dials, meant to symbolize elegance, the sky, and hope. The pictorial in our present issue of Lifetime magazine takes you on a journey among the most beautiful blue dials of the year.

We enjoyed what we saw at Baselworld this year, when the venerable fair also celebrated its 100th anniversary. We usually see so many watches, so many jewels and we speak to so many people, that, afterwards, everything tends to become really hazy. Especially when the watches are copies of previous copies – as it happened last year and two years ago – and you can’t even tell the original from its copies, and you don’t realize where the story actually started from. This March, however, things were different, so that now I can say, in all sincerity, that almost every watch brand made a positive impression on me with the

The Zenith watch brand does not really go through the happiest of times, since they changed three different CEOs during the last few years. The latest one, Aldo Magada, has very recently left the company. At present, Zenith enjoys the attention of the tireless Jean-Claude Biver, who is currently trying to find a consistent direction for a brand with pedigree and legendary models. Despite all difficulties, Zenith manages to come up with a new collection at Baselworld every year, of which at least one or two models are truly valuable. This is more than I could say about many other famous brands, which are also not facing such issues. This year,

A tiny watch,with a huge personality The watch I have worn very often for many years is 40mm in diameter. And I find it perfect, well-balanced and well-fitted on my wrist. I have also tried and worn 42mm or even 44mm models and I liked them a lot. I can honestly say that, as far as they are well designed, with a good “architecture”, they are not too big or ill-suited even on a thin wrist such as mine.