Zenith introduces exclusive special-edition Defy Zero G timepieces destined for Latin America

Zenith explores new sources of inspiration and flamboyant baroque imagery – skulls, pirates and the Virgen de Guadalupe – through a set of exclusive special-edition Defy Zero G timepieces destined for Latin America and presented at the 2018 Salón Internacional Alta Relojería (SIAR).

Autumn’s number one luxury annual appointment with time in Latin America, the Salón Internacional Alta Relojería (SIAR) is the key reference for the promotion and sale of fine watches. At the 2018 edition of this unique showcase, which runs from October 16th to 18th, the brand takes the opportunity to launch some unprecedented special editions of its DEFY ZERO G. Featuring a cleverly scaled-down and fine-tuned version of its gyroscopic “Gravity Control” module, these timepieces belong to the DEFY collection.

Zenith offers visitors to the SIAR 2018 models featuring three distinctive aesthetic inspirations that are bound to capture attention. The highly unusual DEFY ZERO G VIRGEN DE GUADELUPE evokes a venerated Catholic image enshrined within the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. Depicting a reported apparition of the Virgin Mary to an Aztec convert to Christianity, it holds a special place in the religious life of Mexico and represents a symbol of devotion that has come to embody national pride.

While skulls have become a trendy fashion motif, Zenith offers a specifically Mexican take on this theme with the DEFY ZERO G SKULL – Dias de los Muertos, celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead which is an extremely popular national holiday that includes festivals, parades and family gatherings.

And speaking of skulls and crossbones, the DEFY ZERO G PIRATES offers watch lovers a chance to set sail on an imaginary maritime adventure filled with exotic islands, buried treasure and swashbuckling sailors.

Each of the three DEFY ZERO G limited editions is available in a choice of titanium, yellow or rose gold, slightly aged to better display its engraved theme. Framing the DEFY ZERO G’s distinctive skeleton dial with its colourful Mexican-themed accents, a 44 mm case features a decorated caseback with a matching metal bracelet and folding clasp. And because every treasure deserves a special treasure chest, each DEFY ZERO G comes nestled in a customised box representing the individual themes. Providing more than adequate power for the fastest getaway, the heart of the Defy Zero G beats to the fierce pace of the manual-winding El Primero 8812S calibre, oscillating at 5 Hz, while a 50-hour power reserve ensures there’s plenty of time in store before reaching the next high seas hold-up.

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