At the beginning of this year, at Baselworld, Seiko launched new watch models inspired by the glamorous world of the cocktail bar. Following the positive impact, the brand expands these series of mechanical watches with original and unique inspiration with two new models.

At a first look at the watch you can observe that the main distinctive feature of the design is the dial, a very eye-catching part, created with a special technique, in order to obtain that original look and texture: the gloss finish is applied no fewer than seven separate times. This painstaking process gives the depth and rich tone to the textured and patterned dials that allows them to express fully the exact look of the cocktails.

Hisashi Kishi, the head bartender at the STAR BAR in Tokyo’s Ginza area and a past winner of the International Bar Association World Championships created the cocktails that inspired Seiko to create these two new models.

The Starlight cocktail

The cocktail which inspired the first model, as the names suggest, has its origin and inspiration in the magical and mysterious night sky.

At this first watch, the deep blue of the dial creates a special charm and seems to capture the light that bubbles reflect in the cocktail glass.

Meant to represent the highlight of this cocktail, the bubbles, Seiko created a patterned dial that radiates different shades of blue out from the center.

The Sakura Fubuki cocktail

The second model has a fresh appearance, inspired by the beauty of cherry blossom in the spring breeze.

Well-known worldwide, the cherry blossom beauty is impressive. Kishi captures this feeling in his special drink and now, Seiko creates this watch with a pure and delicate dial in order to express the same impression.

Each of the two designs is available in two versions. One uses the 4R35 three hand calendar caliber while the other offers, in addition, a center power reserve hand shaped like the stem of a cocktail glass. Both models are powered by an automatic movement but can also be wound by hand using the specially sculpted crown.

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