Swiza is a brand that successfully combines the design features with maximum of functionality, creating some eye-catching products.
And, as they say, Swiza’s Signature Line is more than a collection of products, it’s an identity. Urban and rebellious. Revolutionary and daring. The Signature Line is all about stylish design that is timeless, and Swiss-made excellence.

Targeting those who enjoy contemporary and innovative style while still seeking authenticity and tradition in their product choices, the Signature Line is for those with a flair for fashion and who rebel against the ordinary. They’re looking for daring designs and unique products of high quality. They know what they want.

Leading the industry in disruptive design, SWIZA launched a contemporary and timeless collection, especially created for trendy urban people. The sophisticated Signature Line was conceptualised three years ago while revolutionising the design of the traditional pocket knife. Since then, SWIZA has continued to apply its manufacturing expertise and passion for design to all its products.

The Signature Line includes desired products that are chic but practical, sophisticated yet affordable.

Completely designed in black, the SWIZA ALLBLACK Swiss knife is for pocket knife lovers looking for  something special and unique. With a highly resistant, deep black high tech PVD coating, the matte black tools, plating and synthetic surfaces make a bold statement.

SWIZA’s famous revolutionary 360° design, robust non-slip surface and die-cut slots for all tools are also integrated in this knife. The slightly curved shape grants quick access to all tools, enabling it to be easily opened by both right-handed and left-handed users.

Designed for a contemporary urban audience who enjoys making a statement. In creating a watch in line with the edgy design of the ALLBLACK pocket knife, SWIZA has designed a premium watch in trendy matte black or stainless steel models. Elements of the pocket knife design are repeated in this exciting automatic watch, like the clean lines and the gently grained surface of the dial.

The cushion shape and slightly bombed case reflects the knife’s sensual lines and endorses SWIZA’s distinctive design aesthetic: contemporary, masculine,  rebellious and extravagant. And sophisticated.

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