The Breitling Managing Director of Austria and Eastern Europe, Mrs. Birgit Linhart-Kaser, talks to Lifetime Magazine about the effect of covid-19 on their business.

1. How are you working in these days of lockdown or restrictions? 

During these challenging and exceptional times, our priority remains the health and the safety of our partners, our employees and our customers. We are strictly following all local regulations and recommendations to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We continue to share our passion and the work of our amazing engineers, designers and watchmakers, the vast majority of whom are at home for the time being. Of course, our e-commerce and customer service teams remain fully at your disposal.


2. The COVID-19 epidemy has shattered the ways of presenting the watch novelties: fairs, conferences, meetings. How are you choosing to present your new launches these days?

We are happy to be able to stay in touch and share our amazing novelties through our social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and our website

Exceptional times require new and exciting opportunities!
We will also present, discuss and explain the great work prepared by our colleagues in Grenchen and in La Chaux-de-Fonds through our first Summit Webcast mid of April.
A fascinating presentation of the Breitling innovations with Georges Kern, which will feature digitally all the new launches and highlights from our Air, Land, and Sea brand universes.


3. How do you see the future for your brand and for the watch industry? Production, distribution, promotion.

We are looking positively into the future. Production, distribution and promotion are starting again step by step according to the legal requirements. The demand and appreciation of real craftsmanship will be particularly valued these days!


4. What is the best thing that will come out of this crisis, in your opinion?

The appreciation towards our family, friends and colleagues. The last difficult weeks showed us that many things were very common for all of us.  Ordinary actions suddenly became unimaginable!

We are getting back our everyday life only slowly and therefore learn to appreciate the little things more! Despite the social distance we retain and emphasise solidarity, charity and empathy. A wonderful way to be close anyway!

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