Bell & Ross unveils a limited edition timepiece that has been exclusively created for the Americas’ market: the BR03-92 DIVER BRONZE NAVY BLUE.

Very few watch brands have ventured successfully into the abyss of the sea. Ocean exploration involves diving in great depths where the pressure rises the deeper you go. When legibility and technical features are a matter of survival, Bell & Ross’ diving watches offer perfect professional solutions for an environment that is as fascinating, as it is dangerous.

Each timepiece is designed to adapt to its specific surroundings. For divers, Bell & Ross has developed timepieces that are perfectly in-keeping with the marine universe. They are capable of effectively assisting divers under all circumstances. They are legible, functional, accurate, reliable and meet the specific demands of the professionals on the job.

The BR03-92 DIVER BRONZE NAVY BLUE offers outstanding technical features and refined aesthetic qualities. This 42 mm, issued as a limited edition of 200 pieces, distinguishes from the others through its dial. Bell & Ross introduces an appealing combination of materials that makes two worlds come together for the first time. Bronze –the marine industry’s metal of choice–and navy blue –that mirrors the color of underwater depths– contrast beautifully together and create a very appealing look. In total compliance with diving technical specifications, the monochromatic navy blue dial is perfectly readable at night and day-time thanks to its gold-plated appliqué indices with Superluminova® inserts.

Its case and bezel are made of satin-polished CuSn8 Bronze –an alloy combining 92% Copper and 8% Tin– that is deeply linked to diving history as it was used in the past for deep-sea helmets and naval construction. Although inalterable, bronze forms a patina over time depending on the environment that transforms each watch into a unique and original piece. Bronze will cast beautiful tones of reddish brown or greyish green, giving it a very distinctive touch.

Its leather strap can be replaced with a rubber one while diving.

The BR03-92 DIVER BRONZE NAVY BLUE is exclusively available for purchase in the Americas’ points of sales and online.

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