Since it was founded, Bell & Ross has been passionate about the world of aviation. Constantly seeking for new universes to explore, the brand made its first foray onto the tracks in 2016 becoming an official partner of the Formula 1®, Renault F1® Team. The R.S. family of watches is inspired by yellow and black single-seaters. The brand has just released its fifth collection.

Used to the tarmac, Bell & Ross has been providing drivers with the time since 1994. The watches created by the watch brand are inspired by instrument panels found on aircraft. To ensure the brand renews itself, Bruno Belamich, Bell & Ross’s co-founder and creative director, is keen to explore different worlds.
The watch brand has partnered with the Renault F1® Team since 2016 and has been studying the world of Formula 1® ever since. This partnership solidifies the coming together of two French brands, united by their shared values of high performance and high tech. The fifth collection of R.S. watches has just been released and has the “Formula 1®of the future” theme.
It is composed of four sports chronographs including an exceptional Haute Horlogerie tourbillon.

It has been five years since the managers of the F1® Team contacted Bell & Ross. The watch brand jumped at the opportunity. A partnership was launched. This union lead to the yearly creation of a watch collection, with the search for the extreme serving as the driving force. Since 2016, four R.S. series inspired by this world have been created.
These families are characterised by their integrity and synergy. These watches adopt the latest technological advances and state-of-the-art materials used in the world of racing.
“These R.S. models showcase our expertise, our DNA and are in harmony with the design scope of our partner, the Renault F1® Team”, explains Bruno Belamich, Bell & Ross’s Creative Director.

At the heart of these collections, it is the chronograph that prevails. This complication measures short times and therefore the performance of racing cars.
This sports feature is taken directly from the world of Formula 1®. It completes a driver’s kit and responds to their needs.
“It seemed obvious to create a watch that drivers in the Renault F1® Team would find useful”, states Bruno Belamich. “Historically, the chronograph has been linked to motor sports”.

For watchmaking enthusiasts, Bell & Ross is a leading brand in regards to design. To create the R.S.20 collection, the design studio started by researching the “topic” to give form to their inspiration. This year, the collection drew its inspiration from different sources. These included the F1® car for the Renault 2020 team and the R.S.2027 concept car. The result is a futuristic collection anchored in the present. Classic avant-garde watches.
The spirit of these watches is much more focussed on design and graphics than before. They maintain the brand’s main themes: Style, legibility, functionality. All are given a futuristic feel. They are thrust into an innovative, efficient and stripped-down world. Whilst the lines of these timepieces are purer, their mechanical elements connect them to watchmaking tradition.

This partnership with the Renault F1® Team has been effective for five years. It is a source of stimulation for the design and technical teams at Bell & Ross.
The four new sports chronographs from the BR R.S.20 series, including the Haute Horlogerie tourbillon, are inspired by this extreme, high-tech world. The watches integrate the best of Formula 1®: Technical performance and materials that are both lightweight and resistant.
This series is also purer in its design. The simplest lines that make up these timepieces go back to basics. Ultimately, these instrument watches, with their sporty character, have achieved a quintessentially elegant form.

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