For several years now, Rolex has assumed the role of co-host at the award ceremony in the film industry, creating the greenroom behind the scenes. On the occasion of its 95th edition, the luxury watchbrand approached the idea of a "greenroom" literally, unfolding a tropical décor in shades of green, a tribute to the planet.

The brand has been involved in the film industry since 2017, when Rolex signed a partnership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the highest authority in the film industry, thus becoming the official sponsor of the Academy Awards and exclusively providing the official watch of the Academy. But Rolex also embellished the Green Room in 2016, a year before the Academy Award partnership was inked.

The Academy Awards ceremony is one of the most anticipated annual events, not only because people find out the movies which are validated as the best or who the award-winning actors are, but also to see the plethora of stars on the red carpet. And there’s a part of the Academy Awards that viewers can rarely see: the Green Room, the place where nominees and presenters meet before and after taking to the stage. It is the place where presenters and celebrities “warm up”, take a breath and train their voices affected by emotions, before confidently stepping on stage, and where they receive their first congratulations after taking possession of the coveted statuette.

Located in the Dolby Theatre, the venue where the Academy Awards have been held since 2002, the lounge is a challenge to which Rolex responds with enthusiasm, offering immersive experiences and a unique setting of the Green Room. Inspired by the brand’s commitment to the conservation of ecosystems – part of its Perpetual Planet initiative, this year’s theme stands under the sign of responsibility for the environment, suggested both chromatically and through lush décor elements, with a tropical accent, to create a relaxing and welcoming space that brings an ode to nature.

The ceiling of the room was decorated with tropical leaves made of suspended green glass, while the walls were covered with a curtain of bamboo sticks made of ceramic material, and many decorations in colors and shapes inspired by tropical vegetation, which have “a role in the organic delimitation of the room,” according to Rolex representatives. The furniture consisting of curved chairs and sofas, in vibrant shades of green, were especially designed following models created by Rolex together with the Italian furniture designer Paola Lenti, using eco-friendly fabrics. In the center of the room, a equally precious classic Rolex watch was displayed – the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36, which has become an emblem of the brand.

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