Could we ever deny the inescapable connection between watchmaking and the automotive industry? Since the dawn of timekeeping, people have measured speed using various means, including for races involving athletes, horses, camels, dogs and, later on, cars. Until the quartz revolution, a precise chronometer was an accessory for professionals and/or the rich. With the advent of the automobile, watches became another way of showing off, not just a status symbol, reflecting not only the performance of the car but also the wearer's own taste and wealth. But this undeniable intertwining was also an opportunity for both industries to work together, and exchange technologies, materials and knowledge. Today, we are exploring a creation resulting from the collaboration of two fantastic Maisons, both with a rich history of superlatives and an exceptional heritage - Bovet by Pininfarina: Bovet 1822 Ottantasei Tourbillon.